Trainer Tells All: How To Lose Belly Fat

When I give my boot camp ladies the option to decide on a workout theme they always come back to the same thing: let’s do a muffin top workout. When it comes to having a flat stomach and no love handles, this is the area most women want to concentrate on, but few actually do.

It’s important to know that wanting to decrease it isn’t enough… you have to work for it. The machines sound great that you see on television promising stomach reductions, but they don’t deliver because simply doing ab exercises doesn’t burn stomach fat… you can’t choose target fat burning zones. You can’t choose to lose stomach fat or expect to lose just stomach fat with core exercises.

Your body will lose weight where it sees fit…

Here is what it takes to lose the belly fat… for real.

Solid Workout Plans. When you walk into the gym with top notch workout plans you know exactly what you’ve got to accomplish for the day. You will immediately see that you workout harder and much more efficiently. There are two specific workouts that your plan should consist or: cardio and strength training for women workouts. Together they are going to help you melt off the most body fat and increase your metabolism… therefore burn off your muffin top!

Clean Up Your Diet. The foods you eat on a regularly basis counts for around 80-percent of how your figure looks. That’s why some people claim to be workout freaks but their bodies don’t express that at all. If you eat terribly then your body will show it, and if you eat clean just 90% of the time, your body will look amazing. It’s important to look at food and eating healthy as a long term lifestyle and not a quick fix diet.

Are You Motivated? Staying motivated is the number one issue women face when it comes to getting in shape. It’s often too easy to just give up when we don’t see results that we expect in a short period of time. First, I want you to write your goals on a sticky note and put them someplace where you can see them each day. Next up quickly scribble down why you want to hit your goals, and how you’ll feel once you do. And last, prepare yourself: each morning have your fitness clothes sitting out and ready to rock and roll.

This is how you’re going to drop the flab! In case you do want to do some extra ab exercises, these are my best exercise to lose belly flab (tone up ab muscles): Plank hold, uneven lunge walks (hold a weight in just one hand), and stability ball crunches.

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